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Designer and Prescription Sunglasses

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All our sunglasses either with or without your prescription are guaranteed to fully protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Check out our extensive range to find a pair that are unique to your taste and lifestyle requirements.

When buying sunglasses it is important not just to choose a pair that you look good wearing, but have good quality lenses too. This will ensure you do not get headaches due to the distortions often found with cheaper lenses.

12292645_1667514540194453_2010300401_nPhotochromic Lenses

These are special lenses that change tint precisely when needed. ‘Transitions’ lenses react quickly to every situation, sunlight or shade, indoors or outdoors. They are virtually clear indoors and can rapidly change to a stylish tint outdoors to give protection against harmful glare.

They provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation. They are available in a choice of brown or grey tints. Made from lightweight plastic they are much lighter then glass lenses and respond to light changes in seconds.

  eyespace_cms2001_c1_bDesigner & Prescription Sunglasses

You can choose from our wide selection of custom-made, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses from a range of manufacturers in standard, full UV tints and polarised versions. Our stock changes regularly to reflect the latest season and include classic designs, as well as high fashion styles.

We have sunglasses in stock all year round and our designer ranges include RayBan, Gucci and Chloé, to name but a few.

Just some of our range

Cocoa Mint
Kate Spade
Vinyl Factory
Oakley Copy
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