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Visual Stress & Colours

What is Visual Stress?

Do you find it uncomfortable to read for any length of time?

Do the words appear to move or flicker?

Do you get headaches or migraines after reading?

Do you tend to misread words?

Approximately 20% of the population report these problems when looking at a page of words – even when wearing glasses they have been prescribed. The condition is known as Meares-Irlen syndrome or Visual Stress. 

In many cases the discomfort can be reduced by using a coloured overlay (a sheet of coloured acetate placed over the page) or by wearing tinted glasses.


How can we help?

First we will test your eyes to make sure that they are healthy and make sure your glasses (if you wear them) are up to date. We then use the latest ReadEZ computer software to detect Meares-Irlen syndrome and determine which colour (if any) might help you. The test usually takes about 15 minutes and is suitable for children (aged 5 upwards) and adults

Colour Solutions

If the test suggests you may benefit from using colour, we can provide a range of solutions.

Coloured Overlay

These are sheets of coloured acetates that are placed over the page.

Tinted Glasses

We can provide tinted clip-ons to wear over your glasses or tinted lenses to a frame of your choice.

Tinted Contact Lenses

If you find that you need the colour all the time, we can prescribe tinted contact lenses.

Tint your computer screen

We can even tint your computer screen using the ReadEZ Virtual Overlay software. In each case the colour prescribed will be optimised for you.

Our Services

Urban Optics is an approved ReadEZ test centre and uses the latest ReadEZ software to diagnose and manage Visual Stress and Meares-Irlen syndrome. Our staff would be delighted to tell you more about our range of services.

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