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Contact lenses designed for your digital life

Wake up. Check email. Commute to work. Check Snapchat and Instagram. More email. Meetings. More email. Finish that project. Hit the gym. Snapchat. Instagram. Text friends for dinner. Stream a movie. A few more texts. Sound familiar? Using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers is a necessary part of life, but it can […]

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8 Tips for Night Driving

  The evenings are beginning to draw in, which means that for the next few months we’ll be doing a lot more driving in the dark. For some people, driving at winter can be very difficult and stressful, as our vision becomes compromised. Without sunlight, our depth perception, peripheral vision and colour recognition deteriorates, demanding more […]

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#VANNIOCCHIALI – Creative Eyewear, made in Italy

VANNI is the cutting edge of creative eyewear. Beauty stemming from the spark of genius duly mixed with culture and style. Nothing obvious: this is a distillation of 25 years’ research and experiment. The ‘made in Italy’ touch breathes from every detail. VANNI prescription- and sunwear kicked off in Turin in 1990, a look that […]

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Ortho K


What is Ortho-k? Ortho-k lenses correct your vision while you sleep. Simply pop your ortho-k lenses in before bedtime, remove them in the morning, and wake up to a world of clear, sharp, natural vision. Ortho-k is sometimes called EyeDream. Who is Ortho-k for? Ortho-k allows people suffering from myopia, or short-sightedness, to enjoy a […]

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Eyes on the Prize!! Optician Awards 2016

There was much to celebrate in Urban Optics following the announcement of the shortlist for this year’s Optician Awards. Urban Optics is in the running for two of the most coveted awards; Family Practice of the Year, and Optometrist of the Year. For over twenty years, the Optician Awards have recognised and rewarded excellence across […]

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Exclusive New Collection: VINYL FACTORY!!

Spex, Mugs & Rock N’Roll… Inspired by the music and spirit of the 60’s and 70’s, Vinyl Factory takes us back to an earlier time and re-interprets classic, iconic models while updating them for today’s style-conscious wearers. A fusion of modern and retro, these glasses are a lot of fun! Each model is given an […]

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WOOW poster blue

WOOW Eyewear! Exclusive New Collection

WOOW Eyewear – Chic Fun Frames from France This fabulous French collection has been brought to you by Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent, the cofounders of FACE A FACE. Between traditional and casual, chic and off-beat with a “trendy London” feel, the WOOW style will speak to all women and men with a sense of humour. […]

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Bright Eyes: The Importance of Your Child’s Vision

Your Child’s Eyesight Your child’s sight is his or her most precious sense. Yet how do you know if your child has a problem with their eyes or their vision? If your child has a problem with his/her eyes, the key to preventing problems is early detection. Children with vision or eye health problems can […]

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Bright Eyes! What happens if my child needs glasses?

  If you are worried about your child’s eyesight and you don’t want to have a full eye examination done, the Bright Eyes 6 Point Vision Check has been developed by Irish Optometrists to provide a quick, accurate check of your child’s eyesight. This eye check has been developed to check for the most common problems […]

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Unbeatable Offer on Crizal lenses continues!

  Right through until the end of November, Urban Optics are offering new and existing patients a special offer of a complimentary second pair of spectacle lenses with every purchase of Crizal lenses. It’s a great opportunity to get two new pairs of glasses at a greatly reduced price. At Urban Optics, we don’t believe […]

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