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PRSI: If you or your spouse pay PRSI you maybe entitled to an eye exam. Contact us with your PPS number we can check if you are eligible.

Medical Card: With a Medical Card you may be entitled to an eye exam. Contact us and we will assist you in filling out the form required.

Private Eye Exam & OCT Scan with Retinal Photography

Individual patient care requires appropriate eye exams and therefore your eye examination may include pupil dilation, OCT scan digital retinal photography and/or visual field screening.


Private Eye Exam with Retinal Photography

Your optometrist determines your spectacle prescription and assesses the health of your eyes.


Children /Students Eye & Vision Exam


OCT scan with Retinal Photography, Certified incl dilation

Where repeat scans are indicated.


Driver Vision Test Cl 1 Cert incl Visual Fields


Driver Vision Test Cl 2 Cert incl Visual Fields


Colour Vision Test & Cert


Laser Surgery Assessment

Includes corneal topography & anterior OCT scan.


Clinical Eye Exam    

Red eye, foreign body removal, in growing lash etc.

€30 – €80

Blephex Treatment  

Treatment for Blepharitis


Dry Eye Assessment    


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