Urban Optics Opticians, Scotts St., Killarney, Kerry

Eye Care

Our Eye Care Services

  • Full comprehensive eye examinations
  • Retinal Photograpy to monitor diabetic eye changes
  • Macular Degeneration Sightrisk Calculator
  • Child vision screening and visual stress evaluation
  • Colour vision enhancement
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Driver Vision Assessment
  • Computer Vision testing

Retinal Digital Photography

We now have cameras that allow us to photograph the inside of your eye. The image is then analysed by one of our Optometrists to diagnose the health of your eye. The images are then stored and compared between visits and, if necessary, sent to your doctor or ophthalmologist. This facility is especially important for those with conditions such as diabetes and macular degeneration.

Computerised Test Charts

Computerised test charts present randomized letters, symbols and pictures on-screen – so no more learning the bottom line! This chart is ideal for checking children’s vision.

Corneal Topography

We take a 3D plot of the surface of the cornea, which allows fittings of specialised contact lenses, laser surgery assessment and monitoring of corneal conditions such as Keratoconus.

technologyVisual Field Testing

Highly detailed visual field plotter screens for a range of medical conditions that may otherwise go undetected, such as Glaucoma, visual and neurological disorders.

For more info on Eyecare please check out the following links www.optometrist.ie and www.sightrisk.com

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